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Hello and welcome to Tirna Lingo. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again and again. Here you will find my blogs recording my language learning journey which I hope you find interesting and informative. Please comment and I will respond.

We also have info. on our new e-notebook for language learning. It is called ‘Hyperpolyglot’. A hyperpolyglot is a person who can speak 6 or more languages. You can use our app. with up to 10 languages simultaneously. However, if you are a beginner should only learn one new language at a time.

Blogs about language learning at Tirna Lingo.

My blog Best way to learn a language: What the experts say contains vital information for anybody interested in learning a language. Also, compare My Personal Language Learning Story with yours and leave a comment.

Our new language learning apps:

We are excited to have recently entered the world of language learning with our new Hyperpolyglot Language Learning App. This is a new idea. We designed it to work with any structured program to accelerate learning. However, it can be used on it’s own if you want to keep costs to a minimum.

We released a new version of ‘Hyperpolyglot’ this summer (2022) called ‘Polylingo’. It runs on iPhones (iOS16+).

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Dr Jimmy Dripps B.Sc., Ph.D.