IOT Analogue Signal Acquisition Frequency Filter Module


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IOT Analogue Signal Acquisition Frequency Filter Module

IOT Analogue Signal Acquisition Frequency Filter Module Low Pass Continuous Time

1 * 8th / 2 * 4th Order Continuous Time built to your specification.

We highly recommend checking our data sheets by clicking here.

Please submit your design requirements through the form at the end of this page.

You need to complete checkout of everything in your basket (even if it includes non-filter items), and then enter your order number in the form where requested.

Module component values are calculated, built, tested and the finished item dispatched in 24 hours.

Filter off-the-shelf series

4th and 8th– order, Butterworth, Low-Pass Filter Series

Our standard range below consists of 3 filters/decade with cut-off frequencies from 1Hz to 20kHz with values spaced 1,2,5/decade.

These boards support 1, 8th-order filter or 2, 4th-order filters.  The two 4th-order filters can have different cut-off frequencies but both must be from the table below.

If you want cut-off frequencies not in the table below, please enter it in the relevant field at the end of this page. There will be a small customisation charge and we may have to buy-in some of the components.

Module order numbers:


Ref. No.


Ref. No.


Ref. No.

1.0 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-1.0Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-1.0Hz-4

2.0 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-2.0Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-2.0Hz-4

5.0 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-5.0Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-5.0Hz-4

10 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-10Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-10Hz-4

20 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-20Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-20Hz-4

50 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-50Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-50Hz-4

100 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-100Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-100Hz-4

200 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-200Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-200Hz-4

500 Hz

SKU: FIL-001-500Hz-8

SKU: FIL-001-500Hz-4

1 kHz

SKU: FIL-001-1kHz-8

SKU: FIL-001-1kHz-4

2 kHz

SKU: FIL-001-2kHz-8

SKU: FIL-001-2kHz-4

5 kHz

SKU: FIL-001-5kHz-8

SKU: FIL-001-5kHz-4

10 kHz

SKU: FIL-001-10kHz-8

SKU: FIL-001-10kHz-4

20 kHz

SKU: FIL-001-20kHz-8

SKU: FIL-001-20kHz-4

The Quad Op-amp

Filters will be supplied with the MCP6L94 op-amp, therefore will work with supply voltages from 2.4V to 6V. The MCP6L94 has a gain-bandwidth product of 10MHz and a slew-rate of 7V/us.

Anti-static Precautions

The MCP6L94 op-amp is CMOS, therefore normal anti-static handling precautions should be observed.

Passive Components

Capacitors are 0805, MLCC, 10%, X7R and at least 25V working voltage. R’s are 0805, 1%, E24 series.

Please choose your filter module configuration, as per the above table:

If your desired cut-off frequency isn't in the table of standard configurations, you must enter it below:

Additional information

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