The only language app that puts you in complete control

Enjoy and learn faster by learning only what is relevant and interesting to you.

1 month free trial of the full featured version with instant translation by Google Translate and AI assisted sentence generation by ChatGPT.

iPhone (iOS 16+)

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Polylingo is unique. We refer to it as a language learning toolbox which holds up to 20 European languages. Fill it with what you want to learn in any or all of them.

You choose the language, learning level and content. Also when, where and how you want to learn. Polylingo is the ultimate in flexibility while being easy to use if you watch the short videos in Polylingo Guide.

Pause the video at every step and perform the step on your iPhone. If you do not do this you will never unleash its full potential.

You can use it on its own or with a course. It supports audible, visual and tactile learning. Look, listen and speak the language and always, what you want to learn.

Create your own categories and conversations (stories) and use “Memory Palaces” to learn new words. Use the microphone to perfect your pronunciation and to enter phrases. Get instant translations. Link images to words and phrases to aid recall.

Get notified when it’s time for a learning session. Test yourself and see your score. Questions you answer right will be presented at progressively longer intervals in Polylingo’s spaced repetition system (SRS). This will test your short, medium and long term memory. Get hints during testing and turn on a linked image to “jog your memory”. We always say “Our test system is on your side.”

1000 of the most common words and their English equivalents are included for the most popular European languages.

There is a forever-free version which does not have built-in links to Google Translate or Chat GPT. The trial version reverts to this forever-free version at the end of your free trial month, if you do not opt for the subscription version.

You can still use Google Translate, or similar, by running it on a PC and speaking or typing the translation into Polylingo or you can run both on your phone and copy/paste between the two apps. You can do something similar with ChatGPT or any similar AI source. Both will be slow and inconvenient, but free!

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