How To Learn A Language

Learning Languages : My Personal Story

Language learning starts at birth as we learn our own mother tongue. In my case, that was Scots. At primary school I began learning English. Scots is rich in words and phrases that helped define who I am.

I also learned French, German and Latin at school and passed the exams but with little enthusiasm. How does that compare with your experience of language learning at school?

Now I am learning Greek with enthusiasm and success for three important reasons. First, I have a real love of Greek language and history. Second, I want to be able to speak Greek when I go on holiday to the Greek Islands and third, I am developing two new language learning apps.

These apps are called “hyperpolyglot” (Hyperpolyglot Language Learning App) and “Polylingo” (still under development). They will help you to learn one or more of a broad range of languages with more speed and efficiency. … Continue reading Language Learning: My Personal Story

Best way to learn a language: What the experts say

So, what is the best way to learn a language and why is it so important to choose the right method?

Language learning is a big commitment but the potential rewards are great. You can improve your job prospects, make new friends, improve your mental health and more. It opens doors into other cultures that we only experience “second hand” in our own language.

Succeed by choosing the right language for the right reasons. Then carefully evaluate and choose a structured course which suits you. Augment your course with an auxiliary learning app. The right app will improve the speed and efficiency of learning course material and material from a wide range of sources… Continue reading Best way to learn a language: What the experts say.