Best way to learn a language: What the experts say.

So, what is the best way to learn a language and why is it so important to choose the right method?

Language learning is a big commitment but the potential rewards are great. You can improve your job prospects, make new friends, improve your mental health and more. It opens doors into other cultures you only experience second hand in your own language.

I recommend this link by Michele Frolla for inspiration. 11 Life-Changing Reasons Why You Should Learn a Language

O.K. Let’s find out what the experts say.

I recently decided to learn Greek for the reasons outlined in my first blog Language Learning: My Personal Story. This lead me to search the internet for the wisdom of people generally regarded as experts.

I searched for facts and techniques for language learning where they were in agreement and for points where they did not agree. What I found is interesting and important.

How to learn a language

They agree you can learn a new language irrespective of age or perceived ability provided you:

  1. Have a passion for the language and a love of the culture.
  2. Adopt and maintain a regular daily practice schedule.
  3. Practice spaced repetition of new material.
  4. Are able to “battle on” when you encounter an obstacle to progress.

They also agree on the desirability of:

  • “Immersion” in the language by living in the country (impractical for most).
  • Speaking 1 to 1 with a personal tutor (effective but could be relatively expensive).
  • Watching films, TV or reading books. This is not easy when you are a beginner, unless you can find material at the right level.

There are websites where you can find a speaker of your target language who wants to learn your native language. You help each other and gain a friend in the process.

But experts also disagree.

Despite all their agreement above, claims and counter claims abound regarding the quickest way to reach fluency. 

Various people have used different techniques to rapidly achieve fluency. Then they launched very successful apps and learning programs based on those techniques, becoming regarded as experts in the process.

Each of these experts naturally claim that their approach is the best!

It is difficult for a beginner to know which will be the best for them. So, where does that leave us in the search for the best way to learn a language?

Try before you buy.

We should read reviews and download free versions or versions with free trial periods before buying. Then sign up for a monthly, yearly or lifetime commitment. It is difficult to evaluate more than app, program or technique at the same time and do them all justice.

Control what you learn in your language.

Perhaps you have already taken a school or college language course or tried one or more language learning apps. If so, you had to learn words and phrases which didn’t interest you. Meanwhile, other words and phrases you did want to learn never come up.

Some say learning irrelevant vocabulary is the number one mistake language learners make. In our apps, Hyperpolyglot and Polylingo, you enter your own words and phrases as shown below. This way you have complete control over what you learn, and your level of learning.

How to enter phrases into Hyperpolyglot when learning any language.

With Hyperpolyglot you have the option to make a small one-time payment for lifetime use. This unlocks all features.

However, Hyperpolyglot Language Learning App is not a structured learning course. It is an excellent auxiliary language learning tool and should preferably be used in conjunction with a structured course, especially if you are a beginner.

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