About Us

We are a small family run business in the Scottish Borders region of the UK. Our name comes from the Gallic “tir-na” meaning “land of”. OK! It’s a big name for a small company, but we want to grow!

We design analogue and embedded circuits for acquisition and analysis of data in industrial and residential applications.
Occasionally, we produce designs which may be useful to makers and electronics enthusiasts as well as companies and we are making these designs available, ready built, through our new website. We only sell our own designs and only if we think they have a unique selling point (USP). There are currently 2 products:-

Analogue Low-Pass Filters
If you want to avoid the old “garbage in – garbage out” problem, then you should filter your signals before digitising them. Our filters are standard designs, but we believe they are the only ones on the market at a reasonable price and on quick turnaround. That’s the USP. We have an off-the-shelf range of low-pass filters from 1 Hz to 20kHz in the usual 1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz etc. sequence of values. You get full schematic and layout. These are open hardware designs you can incorporate into your product. Contact us for other cut-off frequencies or filter types.

Logic Probe
The world is full of logic probe designs, usually with a TTL/CMOS switch. Our probe is fully functional with all logic supplies up to 12V and has user adjustable thresholds for good/bad 1’s & 0’s. You just need a ‘scope or voltmeter to set them up. That’s the USP. This logic probe identifies inputs by flashing both red & green LED’s.
For application to analogue circuits, you can set it up as a window discriminator as that is basically what it is. You get a schematic and a layout so you know what is going on “under the hood”. More USPs!