About Us

We are a small family run business in the Borders region of Scotland. Our name comes from the Gaelic “tir na” meaning “land of”. 

We launched in 2003 supplying electronics design services.

Our focus is now on our new language learning app Polylingo. Polylingo runs on iPhone (IOS16.4+). It’s available on the Apple App Store.

There are just two of us; my son Alan and myself. Alan is a professional programmer. He writes apps for Apple devices and plays computer games in his spare time.

I am a retired university lecturer. I do testing and marketing. In my ‘spare time’ I am a pipe band drummer and I am learning Greek. Well, I did say I liked a good challenge!

Enjoy your visit. If you find it interesting please sign up to the website.

Dr Jimmy Dripps B.Sc., Ph.D.