You’ve found the right place if you’re looking for a language learning app, which is different from all the rest!


A language learning app for iPad’s running iOS 13+. Hyperpolyglot is the perfect companion to take abroad, when you need to learn only what’s relevant to your trip. Don’t put up with language apps that force you to learn words and phrases you’re not interested in. Learning what’s relevant is a proven way of learning effectively.

Hyperpolyglot is free to download, and the only thing you have to pay is a one off purchase, which unlocks the drawing canvas and 10 words per language limit. Click here for more…

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An improved version of Hyperpolyglot for iPhones running iOS 15.5+. Polylingo is not compatible with Hyperpolyglot, so you can’t transfer your Hyperpolyglot database to Polylingo.

You can now instantly translate native words and phrases, entered by speaking into the app, to your target language. There are more ways of learning and testing your knowledge. Now you can piece together the words that make up a foreign phrase, by tapping on the foreign words in the correct order. You can do the same thing with a whole conversation.

Polylingo offers a monthly or annual subscription, with an initial 1 month free trial. You get 6 free months with the annual subscription. There is nothing more to pay, the whole app is unlocked and you will enjoy unlimited new features and updates whilst your subscribed. Click here for more…

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