Analogue Circuit Design


In addition to our standard range of products, we design, build and test analogue and mixed signal instrumentation and conditioning circuitry for clients. Charge rates vary depending on whether we agree with the client to grant Tirna Electronics exclusive rights, shared rights or no rights to further exploitation of all or part of the resulting design. For example, you may only want one prototype for a one-off experiment and we may be able to add the resulting design to your standard product range, in which case it could be mutually beneficial for you to grant us further exploitation rights to the design in that you would get your prototype considerably cheaper. We find that this situation arises with University Research Projects where there may be no further interest in the product beyond the prototype.

Digital Circuit Design


We do digital hardware design and programming of embedded microcontroller based products using Microchip PIC processors. This is sometimes undertaken in conjunction with Hippo Solutions, a software company with which we co-operate. We have experience with a wide range of PIC microcontrollers including 12F, 16F and 18F series aswell as RfPIC variants. We program in Proton+ Basic (excellent for small jobs), while Hippo Solutions program in PIC C.

PCB Layout & Schematic Drawing


We use Target (v.11) for schematic capture and PCB design up to 4 layers, Tina for Spice simulation, and Filter Solutions for active analogue filter CAD. PCBs are processed by Beta Layout (PCB Pool). We find this an excellent and cost effective way to prototype small PCBs to full industry standard, often grouping different small projects into one mini-panel to spread the cost over several projects.