Audio DAC Upgrade - The Beresford Caiman Audio DAC Upgrade offered by Tirna Electronics Ltd

1. Elna Silmic II Caps


This upgrade replaces:

  • 1 x 100uF
  • 2 x 220uF
  • 8 x 10uF

with the corresponding Elna Silmic II Capacitors which are specially designed for audio applications.

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2. MuRata Regs + Rubycon bi-polar Caps + WIMA Caps


This upgrade replaces the standard 5Volt and 10Volt Linear regulators with 5Volt and 12Volt MuRata Switch Mode Regulators and also replaces the six standard electrolytic signal coupling capacitors with six 47uF bipolar Rubycon capacitors. Also, two 47nF monoblock capacitors are upgraded to 68nF WIMA capacitors.

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3. Minor Optional Upgrades free with any of above


These include changing a pair of resistor on the audio board to 10k or 12k Ohms. This upgrade is recomended by Stan Beresford to increase the gain and dynamic range of the fixed/variable amplifier outputs.

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Send your Beresford Caiman to us for modification without it’s power supply to the address below


Dr Jimmy Dripps
Tirna Electronics Ltd
3 Roderick Place
West Linton

EH46 7ES



Purchase of this upgrade


Please purchase this upgrade through our EShop


We can also supply the Rubycon bi-polar and WIMA capacitors recomended for the above upgrades to customers who want to do their upgrades. However, customers wishing to do this themselves will have to source their own MuRata regulators, or contact us to obtain them via Tirna.


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Jimmy Dripps

Tirna Electronics Ltd.