Audio DAC Upgrade - The Beresford 7510 Audio DAC Upgrade offered by Tirna Electronics Ltd

It is generally reckoned that with DAC’s the upgrade of op-amps is the most cost effective upgrade & the one which could potentially bring the greatest improvement. After that, the replacement of the Burr-Brown DAC with the Wolfson DAC chip has been shown to bring further worthwhile improvements. We support following Beresford 7510 DAC upgrades


Upgrade to Wolfson WM8716 DAC chip

The Beresford DAC upgrade which replaces the Burr Brown PCM1716 DAC chip with the pin-compatible Wolfson WM8716 DAC chip. The work involved is the same as for the 7520 with the addition of 2 wires from pin-16 of the new DAC chip to decoupling capacitors as recomended on the "Art of Sound" forum.


(Click Here To See Posts in The Art of Sound Forum) - The link shows this upgrade (and others) applied to a Beresford 7520 DAC but is equally applicable to the 7510 DAC from the point of view of upgrading to the Wolfson DAC Chip - WM8716

Op-amp upgrade.

In addition to upgrading to the Wolfson WM8716 DAC chip you may want to upgrade the dual op-amp in the Beresford 7510 with an LM4562 dual op-amp. This upgrades includes the addition of a 0.1uF decoupling capacitor.

LED Replacement.

If you would like the LED's on the front panel of 7510 changed to blue as on the 7520.

Send your Beresford 7510 to us for modification without it’s power supply to the address below


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